Thinking of hosting an event in the mountains?
Let your team be inspired by breathtaking views, heaps of laughter and let us help your team emmerse yourself in all of fun that the mountains have to offer!
Why take your team to the mountains?

Ski trips are ones to remember, whether you are serious on the slopes or happy to laugh at one another’s ‘unique’ beginner techniques. Heading to the mountains for a few nights with your business family is always a good idea!

We have a passion for the mountains and every team member at corporate peaks has lived all over the alps, offering personal insight to most well-known locations and also to the hidden gems of the mountains.

The benefits to getting up into the mountains are extensive and there are endless possibilities for corporate events regardless of the style of business event.. So give us a call and lets talk all things ski! +442080048675

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With Emma Colsey-Nicholls
"Snowboarding in the swiss alps has always retained a reputation to pack a punch to the wallet"
"Driving in convoy could be a fun way to kick start that holiday feeling!"
For Corporate M.I.C.E travel
We are always looking for new resorts for our clients here at Corporate Peaks. This year we added Wengen In Switzerland, as another string to our bow which is great place for Incentive travel events...
Feet firmly planted on the runners, hands grasping the handle bar, wind blowing through your hair. À droite, à droite! À gauche, à gauche! Right, Right! Left, Left! Calls heard to direct the dogs pulling your sled.
This year we have seen more and more businesses across Europe contact us to help construct their Winter Sales Conferences!
Organising the annual corporate ski trip can be a tricky task to approach on its own…
Having researched, visited and reviewed Italian resorts this year to offer something different to our new and existing clients. We have very quickly fallen in love with the Vialattea ski area…
When organising the perfect ski trip, arguably the most important thing to do is choose the right resort....
Hudson booked their yearly elite performers corporate break through Corporate Peaks, with 17 people heading off for 3 nights to the Portes du Soleil region....
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