Swiss skiing without breaking the bank!
"Snowboarding in the swiss alps has always retained a reputation to pack a punch to the wallet"
Swiss skiing without breaking the bank!

Snowboarding in the swiss alps has always retained a reputation to pack a punch to the wallet. Whilst there is no denying that its certainly not the cheapest destination, there’s no reason why you have to go above and beyond with the spending. It would certainly be a shame for our clients to miss out on some superb skiing and beautiful swiss towns. So lets take a look at some alternative options that could be a hit for your next incentive ski trip.

Take a look at some alternative options that could be a hit for your next incentive ski trip…

1-Laax: This uber trendy resort is a huge hit with snowboarders and freestyle skiers . Made up of three locations, Laax, Flims and Falera. It’s one of the largest ski areas offering four snowparks for those who dare. If you are looking for the liveliest location to visit with your team. Laax is for you and the hotel that we like is the eco-friendly Riders hotel, not only does it focus on a xero waste policy, but the hotel is run on 100% renewable energy with maximum energy efficiency. This hotel also has an underground club . But rooms can be booked at the hotel for reasonable rates that will include your lift pass also- a normally large non-negotiable cost that is expected with each ski trip.

2-Les Diablerets: We spoke about this area last week in a our blog., when we mentioned Villars, the linked resort. But Les Diablerets has a glacier and offers awesome snowboarding/ skiing- meaning you can really maximise the off-peak weeks, which our clients typically would. You could even offer a festive pre-Christmas incentive to this resort to ski for less too. Not to mention cheaper accommodation for this time of year too.

For the more daring corporate travellers, you also have the opportunity to ditch the comforts of chalets/ hotels and stay in one of many of the alpine refuges. Enjoying outrageous sunsets and breath-taking views *Although we recommend this for people who truly love the tranquillity of the mountains natural surroundings.*

3.Interlaken: A sell-out location with backpackers year round. It is superbly well-connected by means of transport and is a lakeside town. If you are coming here you should not expect to ski to the door; however use the train (free with your ski pass / bus) to access the Jungfrau ski region. Our very own Heidi had the pleasure a few times last season of enjoying the ski area of Wengen, including in the Jungfrau; take a look at her review here: Wengen – Corporate Peaks .

Staying in Interlaken, means you are able to shop here for the necessities for evening meals and enjoy your mountain meal when skiing. You could also consider incorporating a ‘come dine with me’ theme for your colleagues if staying in an apartment or self-catered accommodation! Although I’m not sure I’d want to cook for the boss ? ha-ha.

So there we have it, three locations to think about before we exclude Switzerland from our corporate ski trip proposals, swiss hospitality is excellent alongside the abundance of cultural events, off-slope activities and not to mention a large proportion of swiss resorts are considered ‘snow-sure’. Sometimes spending a little bit more will tick all of the boxes and we are certain that a swiss ski trip would do just that. So let’s show you what we can do. Call us on (+44) 02080048675 to chat all things skiing!

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