Best resorts to drive to this winter!
"Driving in convoy could be a fun way to kick start that holiday feeling!"
The best resorts to drive to this winter!

With the travel landscape having altered since last winter and less flights currently available, more and more people are choosing to drive to their favourite winter destinations this year!

How about a fancy dress rally to the alps?!

With flexibility on travelling and the opportunity (as if we needed an excuse), to over pack your suitcase with multiple outfits and space for party props/ fun team games should you want to really make the most out of your chalet break. Not that you should need to use your car much in resort, but there is also the added bonus of being able to get up to alternative lifts to avoid any central area queues also!

This year a lot of our corporate clients are focusing on exclusive property rental, so that external interaction is limited and team-bonding games can be the primary focus, to reboot energy levels and colleague morale after such a trying year. Driving in convoy could be a fun way to kick start that holiday feeling. How about a fancy dress rally to the alps?!

From Calais, there are a number of resorts that are all around the 8-9 hour mark:

  1. Portes Du Soleil! How could we not mention the Corporate Peaks flagship ski area? With access to some stunning skiing and a mixture of fun for all ages. There are also smaller villages below the main ski resorts that offer competitive rates on accommodation, a quieter ‘village-like’ feel that may be perfectly suited to respect the desire to slip away from the crowds this winter season. Places like St Jean D’Aulps are bustling with small-large holiday rentals that could be ideal for your groups dynamic, with its own ski area famed for quieter pistes too!
  2. Chamonix! This Powerhouse resort is ideal for self-drivers, with separated ski areas, that if you prefer to not use the excellent bus system that is in place under the current circumstances, having your own car will help you get from a-b with ease around this resort.
  3. La Clusaz! An option in the Savoie for you to consider, with a quaint feel but a lot to offer on the slopes. This hidden gem is popular with second-home owners from Annecy and has an exceptionally French feel to it. Rarely have we heard English accents other than our own trip attendees whilst there. Great news for those really looking to escape! As well as some fun alternative activities by the main square for you all to take part in.
  4. Villars (Switzerland)! Although one of the closest resorts to Geneva, this location is a beautiful tree lined skiing resort, ideal for short weekends and traditional swiss ski holiday feels. With chocolate box style chalets. With less challenging terrain and a heavy focus on red and blue slopes, it could be the perfect idea to keep the group skiing together at all times and once more enhancing that team spirit feel! We’ve spent too long by ourselves this year- lets reconnect a little!

These are just a few locations that are suited to self-driven arrivals. Of course you can access plenty more pan-european resorts but we find these routes the easiest and close also to key cities and other resorts that you can even consider ski-safari events to really maximise your time on the mountains this winter making for any lost ski days last season!

Doing things differently is top priority for most hoping to hit the slopes this season and whilst we wouldn’t recommend driving all of the time, there are so many benefits to doing so for your next corporate trip. Combining fun challenges along the way and having extra space for business materials or as we mentioned party props for your chalet can only enhance your stay and really help your group have the time that they deserve.

Get in touch to hear our driving challenges and of course to help you make this happen!

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