Building good business relationships
The Corporate Peaks way
Building good business relationships, The Corporate Peaks way

There is a new look to the landscape in the world of corporate entertaining; emerging from this years’ pandemic, following the lack of direct entertainment and takeover of zoom calls, It’s now more than ever about reconnecting safely and building relationships that will last a lifetime and bond your business.

This is your chance to break the mould and be an innovator

Not only because you do great business together but because of the all-important development of a personal relationship, that human factor of face to face contact; even if these days it means behind a snazzy new facemask! Spending the time and getting to know people on a personal level, having those shared moments and memories will continue to go a long way, forging commitments that span more than just a work level and continues to be the ethos of Corporate Peaks.

With this in mind, the ‘Peaks family’ have been developing future events and new way of allowing product launches to happen safely and responsibly whist simultaneously encouraging an essence of exclusivity.

“Imagine an intimate gathering of your prime potential clients, ensconced in a private luxury villa, enjoying the beautiful surroundings of an island in the Mediterranean. The beach, a stone throws down a private staircase to the blue sparkling waters. A glass of champagne in hand, waiting to be seated for a gourmet taster meal, with an array of wines designed to enhance each course.”


“Visualise an exclusive group of clients, the snow is falling outside the opulent wooden ski chalet, where you skied to the door on your way in for an extravagant afternoon tea/ apero. You’ve just finished a glass of Nuits-Saints-Georges and are able to engage in intimate business discussions, whilst enjoying the stunning views through the picturesque mountain valley.”

These are just two examples that we can suggest. Putting together a perfect product launch or a client entertainment package, that will knock their socks off and have them clambering to work with you for years to come. Innovative new ideas for these types of launches as opposed to the large-scale events, are the way forward, Not only are you able to practise social distancing, with own rooms for prospective suppliers, but you will need less of your own team to host such an event. now really is that perfect time to put this into practice.

For all the articles that I have read on building business relationships, one thing stands out and that is the need to:

“Selectively spend quality time on key relationships. Spend time with your most important customers, your most productive employees, and leaders who can make the most difference to your organization. These relationships will generate returns in the immediate future and in the long run. Avoid the trap of idle discussions and ego building.”

“Plan something fun to do together. All work and no play makes us dull! Be willing to go out and do something fun together that may not have anything to do with work. Music, art, entertainment, meet ups and community events are all fun things to do to see different sides of people. Not to mention some random and memorable conversations and laughs that can come out of it.”

This is your chance to break the mould and be an innovator – Allow the experienced events team to craft something truly magical for your next experience!

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