2022 the Winter to see us through?
With Benjamin Newman
2022 the Winter to see us through?

The quote “Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is a progress, working together is a success” – Edward Everett Hale has NEVER been more apt. The changes and sacrifices we have all experienced this year have been exponential, but by working together we have truly so much to look forward to.

…declare Winter 2022 as the hopeful Winter of Love!

Lets take a couple of steps back….It is early March and the year is 2020……..yes 2020, a number I type whilst taking a deep breath. After much speculation European ski resorts and of course entire countries begin to close, travel across Europe slows to a halt. Overnight those of us in the business travel industry experienced more than any plan b, c or d could prepare us for! Before we knew it all of our travelling was no longer applicable and our diaries emptied ONLY to be followed by the endless zoom meetings, uplifting online quizzes, and home workouts inspired by the UK’s Joe Wicks. The term British bake off really did represent the UK population and my jeans no longer fit in the same way!

Now skip to present day.

Whilst 2021 is not the post-covid-19 era we hoped to be experiencing given the new variants which took us all by surprise! But with numerous vaccine approvals and roll-out programs in place, Is it time for us to get excited? Alas, Now we can plan!

The UK Government’s aim is to give all adults their first vaccination by September 2021, falling in line perfectly with the winter season of 2021/22 and the seasons beyond will succumb to an exciting pent up demand for both leisure and business travel, although of course there will be other factors such as supply VS demand to tackle! (We will go into that elsewhere)!

Are any of you reading this old enough to remember the summer of love? If not let me break it down : Large sums of people were feeling disenfranchised and let down by various people in power, leading to the anti-war free-love movement which started in the US in the late 60s.

Well I’m going to go as far as to say and declare Winter 2022 as the hopeful Winter of Love! With care and caution- excellent prevention methods implemented by holiday providers; we will be able to travel safely again, and it will be time to get back to the things we love to do. It could be a winter of re-discovery and passion for seeing those places you long to, the trips that you love. After being cooped up for so long I cannot think of a more holistic place than the alps- The fresh mountain air and the multiple alpine sports on offer provide so many physical and psychological health benefits. The feeling may leave you reaching for the nearest tree to hug ? I can safely say that whilst the rest of the team is situated in the alps, those pangs of jealously keep creeping in. Where would be your holistic travel destination?

Given the restrictions for travel re-instated for this year, the demand we have received for 2022 ski and summer corporate travel reservations are extremely high for this time of year. This coupled with the fact many postponed business holidays from 2020 and now 2021 are due to take place in 2022, is affecting availability.. so for all those with specific requirements or who can’t wait to revisit their favourite destination, our advice is to start planning now!

Benjamin Newman

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