Feet firmly planted on the runners, hands grasping the handle bar, wind blowing through your hair. À droite, à droite! À gauche, à gauche! Right, Right! Left, Left! Calls heard to direct the dogs pulling your sled.

From the whimpers and howls eager to go, to the rush of being whisked away, it is an experience not to be missed and a perfect addition to your corporate alpine holiday. Contrary to popular belief however, dog sledding does take a bit of athleticism and a fair bit of balance as the dogs albeit well trained, love nothing more than to take off full speed into the snow, requiring the driver to control the sled, lean into the turns, break, and ultimately try to stay upright. But fear not, as one is given the option to either drive the sled or be a passenger soaking up the sights while letting someone else do all the work.

…fear not, as one is given the option to either drive the sled or be a passenger soaking up the sights while letting someone else do all the work.

Our latest experience with this great activity took place in Chamonix, where our corporate group learned about the history of dog sledding, the tricks of the trade, and then took turns trying it themselves whizzing across the ups and downs of the beautiful French Alps. While half of the group enjoyed the rush of the activity itself, the other half was content sampling some of the Savoie region’s staples. Cheese, meat, and vin chaud. Combining the food tasting and the dog sledding, helped to break up the group into teams and allowed us to learn a little bit more about why this area is so rich in its cheese production.

In the Savoie winter cows are not an everyday sight but in summer reality is much the opposite. In spring they graze in the lower regions of the valley in which most of these French towns are positioned, and as the snow melts gradually up towards the mountain peaks, there too the cows will follow. This results in the cows eating a variety of different plant life thus resulting a variety of different tasting cheeses. From Beaufort, to Reblochon, to the Corporate Peaks staff favorite- ‘Abondance’ one is sure to find a liking in one of the many tasty cheeses on offer in this region. In the end, you are what you eat!

These non-skiing/snowboarding activities are offered in locations such as Chamonix, Morzine, Les Deux Alpes, Sölden, Zermatt, and many more. Dog sledding and food tasting are one of many on our lists of ‘What to do if you don’t ski’ and some of the most unforgettable. For other ideas on what is available for your winter based business trip, read What can you do if you don’t ski?

For all Enquiries and information, don’t hesitate to contact one of the team directly, to make your next corporate ski trip unforgettable as well!

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