Having researched, visited and reviewed Italian resorts this year to offer something different to our new and existing clients. We have very quickly fallen in love with the Vialattea ski area…

After an excellent winter season filled with plenty of varied different corporate ski trips, the time of year has come where we have hung up our skis and started to look for alternatives destinations to host our M.I.C.E trips around Europe, not only just new ski resort visits, but also exciting summer locations for our new and existing client base looking for something a little different.

With a well-travelled international team, and a growing demand for summer events from our existing clients, our event portfolio is ever expanding and this month I was kindly invited by AM Destination Sardinia to attend a Familiarisation trip on Sardinia’s beautiful South Coast.

Having lived and worked previously in Italy, my knowledge of Italy’s mainland was already quite vast.

Having lived and worked previously in Italy, my knowledge of Italy’s mainland was already quite vast. Since then through a mixture of working trips combined with holidays, I have covered a fair amount of ground. Sardinia however (the second largest island in the Mediterranean after Sicily) was truly a delight to discover for the first time.

Expect to soak up all of the usual charm from visiting a typical Italian location but with a twist of Spanish influenced architecture and self-identity of an island rich with its own and very vibrant culture. Local delicacies consist of almost every kind of seafood you can imagine, which comes as a great relief following a winter season of heavy cheeses and meat spreads! Food was beautifully fresh and cooked, either plated alone or running though homemade pasta. It’s safe to say as a glorified foodie, myself and undoubtedly the other attendees were all in food heaven.

Adding to the taste of Sardinia, we were lucky enough to experience one of the Island largest wineries which distributes worldwide. Still owned and run by the original founding family, a strong passion for their craft was present through the experience, and when it came to tasting time we were not disappointed. A wine tasting experience, is always a sophisticated and interesting way to relax with team-mates or clients when hosting a Corporate holiday, therefore it is something we often recommend for all of our summer/ autumnal business travellers.

With food and wine covered I have to move on to the islands stunning landscape. Wildlife is ever present and like some of the Balearic islands, flamingos are never far away from the rugged hills which roll into pristine turquoise beaches. The setting is the perfect calm for what can so often become a stressful conference overseas. It offered something truly different to our trademark business travel and a setting that I would recommend for relaxed B2B meetings of to build your client relationship in an atmosphere that was an oxymoron to the sales-focused surroundings that city breaks can bring.

Naturally, whilst here, I focused largely on locations with conference facilities & adequate meeting rooms as well as the incentives side. Fortunately our newly partnered locations plays host to a large selection of High-end hotels, many of which have the capacity to host large groups and boast state of the art facilities which in the world of Business travel is vital to a smooth-running seminar.

To find out more about how we can host your next corporate trip in the beautiful Sardinia; contact one of our team members on +44 208 004 8675 or fill out an online contact form now!

Written by Benjamin Newman

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