Now more than ever businesses are focusing not only on the importance of recruitment but how to effectively retain employees...
Show Your Employees How Much You Value Them

Now more than ever businesses are focusing not only on the importance of recruitment but how to effectively retain employees. In a fast paced city environment where head hunting is rife, offices often feel the strain related to a revolving door of staff.

Here at “Corporate peaks” our aim is to help employers provide memorable experiences they can directly offer to staff in order to increase a sense of employee Value.

Positivity breeds positivity

There are a number of reasons a manager may decide to invest in a corporate trip but often in a sales focused environment strict quarterly targets are often enforced. This can be stressful and the pressure often sees employees working longer hours to achieve what is required. An incentive trip presented to a sales team at the end of a quarter is the perfect way to show gratitude and appreciation as well as encouraging a healthy competitiveness. See our recent blog of the ‘Benefits of an incentive trip’.

The team here at Corporate Peaks, often see corporate trips that are funded by the individual as opposed to the entity, allowing a greater volume of staff to participate. Management in turn often orchestrate rewards and prize giving ceremonies to high achievers on the trip. (Not to forget prizes for the most amount of falls on the ski slopes!) In turn we see a boost of morale across the team as a whole and team bonding like no other. Naturally employees feel more valued as they can relax with one another and be seen more as an individual than a member of staff.

In an article from Forbes, they previously recommended 4 simple ways to make your employees feel valued; one of which (number 3.) Is to Challenge them. We at Corporate Peaks agree with this entirely, offering the employee the chance to shine in a challenging scenario is showing the individual that you have faith in their ability to execute it. One of the exciting workshops we are able to offer to our clients, thanks to BASS (British Alpine Ski School) are a series of performance workshops, ‘challenging individuals and allowing them to understand many of the qualities required by high level leaders and managers. Off snow workshops with BASS will set up the themes before taking to the slopes for practical sessions, where you will receive concrete experiences that relate to, and transfer back to, the workplace.’

Are you ready to inspire/reward/motivate your team, but not sure where to start? Just hit the messenger button to speak with a co-ordinator immediately, or email our team to schedule your free consultation now.

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