Organising the annual corporate ski trip can be a tricky task to approach on its own…
What can you do if you don’t ski?

What can you do if you don’t ski?
Organising the annual corporate ski trip can be a tricky task to approach on its own, but if only half of the attendees ski the difficulty of this can multiply from the clients’ perspective. We at Corporate Peaks are frequently approached with this obstacle and can easily resolve this, especially if the right resort has been chosen for the group at hand.

Often our sales team hears, ‘What can you do if you don’t ski?’ and this is something that clients expect very little response in return, however with our knowledge of resorts across the alps we are always able to provide options to cater for every participant on the ski trip.

With a travel time of 1 hour to most well-known resorts in Austria it offers a fantastic array of things to do.

Firstly; you have your resorts that are located closely to bigger cities, offering city day trips to places you wouldn’t have expected to tick off the list whilst on a ski holiday. Try the Multi-cultural hub of Geneva, this lavish city provides some exclusive shopping and sightseeing, just walking along the lakes Broadway itself can be enough to satisfy a city-goer. The intimate local breweries in the city centre are also proving quite popular with day-trip crowds. Other unique mountainous cities include Innsbruck, once home to the winter Olympics this colourful and vibrant location is also a destination people choose as the main hub for the winter allowing them to access many different ski resorts that surround it. With a travel time of 1 hour to most well-known resorts in Austria it offers a fantastic array of things to do if again, skiing isn’t for all the team.

Spa Facilities

If you have found yourself wanting to book a high-end ski in ski out retreat high up in the mountains, with non-skiers; we often recommend our more exclusive properties, that include their own spa facilities.

Allowing for a weekend of relaxation and pampering. Organising massage/ beauty therapy for the same cost as per say a lift pass/ski hire. Ensuring that the budgets allocated are met equally across the group and that there is 100% satisfaction. Perhaps combine this with a good book by an open log fire- sounds like heaven to us!

There are other activities readily available to individuals across different resorts; snowmobiling, paragliding and of course one of our teams’ favourites: ‘snow-shoeing’! This enables guests to walk through winding forest trails and experience that ‘crunch’ of snow at their feet and spectacular views without having to prepare themselves for the dreaded ‘snow-plough’ that they may not enjoy so much. IT can also offer an alternative for ex-skiers with knee injuries.

We at Corporate Peaks are passionate about helping those that don’t ski frequently, understand the beauty of the alps and that unique feeling and excitement each resort has to offer. If skiing/snowboarding isn’t for you, perhaps locally made cheese and excellent wine is? Foody on the trip? Try a restaurant safari in resort, sampling regional produce and ‘Plat du Jours’. Keen runner? Hit the trails and explore winter running to really get the heart pumping, or even combine the trip with local winter Festivals such as ‘Snowbombing’ or ‘Snowboxx’. We can guarantee we will find something to suit all clients with an interest for a winter incentive. Just hit the messenger button to speak with a co-ordinator immediately, or email info@skicorporatepeaks.com to schedule your free consultation now.

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