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Employee reward schemes are becoming ever popular to boost morale and productivity within the work the place, incentive travel events are one of those that are most proven to work well.

…try something different and often think of somewhere unusual!

Here at Corporate Peaks we wanted to highlight some of the top 9 pointers for Corporate travel events.

  • Budget – The big one!
    Have a think about what is most appropriate for your corporate trip and do some costing research to make sure you have a realistic budget for the standard of luxury that you are looking for. It can be a common misconception that if it is a group booking you can get huge discounts, that is not always the case if you are one off booking.
  • Group Size: The size of the group will always change the overall dynamics, and logistics of the trip. While smaller groups may be easier to manage especially when it comes to last minute changes, large groups should be organised well in advance. We would always recommend reserving exclusive space especially when it comes to restaurant reservations.

  • Choosing a destination; We always tend to encourage clients to try something different and often think of somewhere unusual, that the team might never have been before. New and exciting destinations are coming up all the time and will really add a new element of excitement for the trip. Don’t forget to consider travel times (flight time/distance from the airport) if you are only going for a few days. The weather at that time of year, to hot/cold likely to rain, or for ski, how will the snow be! Also the cost differences between summer and winter incentive trips can play a part in this, summer for example there tends to be a lot less unnegotiable costs in comparison to a ski trip, leaving more funds for fun in resort!
  • Choosing transport: From flights to the resort transfers and getting from A to B in your chosen destination, getting the logistics right is essential, often the cheapest option will mean a wait and less comfort. For incentives this is key!
  • Choosing Accommodation:
    This one can be the real time consumer. Location, location, location is generally one of the most important decisions. So, then you must research the resort to see if its near to the activities that you want to do.i) How many rooms/beds will people be sharing, is the accommodation big enough for the amount of rooms, what facilities does it have?ii) Confirm that there is free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel (important if expecting to work/conference and of course internet speed is a big one for those all-important zoom calls!).

    iii) Does it have big enough conference facilities, particularly to suit the seating arrangements required?

    iv) Check for any extra package add-ons you can have like wine with dinner for a small fee. (incentive trips are normally fully paid, anything you can do in advance to bring down your company costs are a bonus)!

    v) Do your research on the accommodation, Is there a side to the hotel that is on the road for example, specify no rooms on that side, no one wants a traffic view with taxis zooming passed all night, particularly on a city break.

  • Choosing Activities: Are your group active/non active or a complete mixed bag? looking for daytime/evening events should be your first thoughts, booking in advance is of course key! Following your research what’s available in the area. Make sure you check reviews and are using a reputable company that specifies its full itinerary and what you get included, no hidden surprises welcome! When you are there, check you are getting everything you paid for.
  • Planning in advance: Confirm everything a month, a week and a few days before the trip, especially regarding transport. Making sure you have the correct contact numbers to take with you, including any out of hours/emergency numbers. Have a list of your group and their contact telephone numbers for the trip- we always recommend a WhatsApp group so we can post pins, important numbers and everything people need to know in one place!
  • What could possibly go wrong? With all this planning, you would assume nothing, right? Wrong! Always assume not everything will go according to plan. Plan B is your best friend on these trips, it doesn’t hurt to have a plan c also!

There are a lot that goes into every corporate event no matter the size or the objective of your trip. Often on top of your own day to day duties, planning them can seem like hard work and most certainly time-consuming. But Most importantly the pressure can continue in resort. If you want to speak to one of our Events team to hear more about how we can help- with as much or as little involvement as you will. We ensure that all of our trips are fully hosted corporate events from arrival to departure, making sure everyone has the best time and nothing goes wrong that you don’t have to create a plan B.

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