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At Corporate Peaks we offer Bespoke events to suit any business. These corporate events don’t have to be restricted to winter destinations. Your next corporate trip can take place in one of many of our unique and impressive locations throughout Europe, no matter the size.

We understand that the cold isn’t for everyone therefore after extensive site visits and new partnerships throughout Italy, Spain, Portugal and many more we are excited to offer additional locations and themes for our summer M.I.C.E programmes to new and existing clients. Choose an active alpine focused retreat or something more relaxed and beach focused to incorporate with your upcoming conference, we tailor-make each trip to your specifications entirely.

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Each participant is guaranteed to feel rejuvenated and energised, whilst then encouraging high achievement and successfully hitting targets set.
We have learnt over time that staying active breeds productivity within the work environment and our own team are living proof of this!
Using a combination of work time and ‘active time’ participants can experience some of our natural assets, like hiking/trail running and road cycling retreats.
Activities and Programmes
Our newest summer campaign has been designed to promote and maximise results within your Corporate retreat.

If you would like to hear more in detail about what bespoke package we can offer your team, then contact Corporate Peaks directly. All we require from you to construct an ‘Active Incentive’ programme is the goal/focus of your professional trip allowing us to expertly create the event with a difference.

What the summer can be for you
Golf retreats
A hand-picked selection of the best luxury golf activities.
Adrenaline Filled
Adrenaline filled activities on offer to get your team pumped for the next project.
Relaxation Inspired
Relax and unwind with our specially selected activities.
Nutrition and Well-being
Feel refreshed and revitalised after experiencing our nutrition and well-being activities.
Road Cycling
Get invigorated on the open road with our cycling activities.
are you ready for summer?

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